Franck Goddio
The Topography and Excavation of Heracleion-Thonis and East Canopus (1996-2006)
- Underwater Archaeology in the Canopic Region

Oxford Center for Maritime Archaeology at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, 2007 | ISBN 978-0-9549627-3
This book presents the first topographic outline of the city of Heracleion and the nearby Ptolemaic and Byzantine sites, all currently being excavated underwater in the Bay of Aboukir. This volume is the product of ten years of survey and excavation. 136pp., 223 colour illus.

I Introduction: the Canopic region - presentation of the project
1- Introduction
2- Problems, methodology and reflections
3- The data produced by the surveys
4- Identification of sites: essentials results and comments
5- General topographical results
6- General observations on the nature of the ground found during the excavations in Canopus and Heracleion, and the conditions of these excavations

II The ancient topography o the Canopic region - East Canopus
1- Presentation of the site of East Canopus
2- The survey of the site of East Canopus
3- Description of the sites at the current state of excavation
4- Conclusion

III Heracleion
1- Presentation of the site
2- Methodology
3- Description of the principal remains discovered at the current state of survey and archaeological excavation
4- Site H1: the temple of Herakles (also identified as the temple of Amon-gereb and his son Khonsu)
5- Site H2, the Great Mole
6- The site of the Grand Canal
7- Site H3, the harbour basins
8- The buildings around the temple
9- Distribution of the artefacts
10- Buildings at the periphery of Heracleion
11- Conclusion