Anne-Sophie von Bomhard
The Naos of the Decades
- Underwater Archaeology in the Canopic Region in Egypt

Oxford Center for Maritime Archaeology at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford, 2008 | ISBN 978-1-905905-04-1
This monograph presents the almost completely reconstituted Naos of the Decades with an excellent set of photographic images. The four additional fragments, recovered in East Canopus during the excavations of the European Institute of Underwater Archaeology, are examined with the two original fragments from the Louvre and Greco Roman Museum (Egypt). The largest of the new fragments consists of a cosmogony of over 20 columns with no known parallel, disproving the order of the decades as it was initially assumed and suggesting a far older tradition of Egyptian astrology. 301pp., 76 b/w + 120 colour illus.

Part I - Origins and General Description
- The Process of Discovery
- Description of the Naos

Part II - The King and God
- The Front and the Interior Surfaces
- The Relationship betwenn Shu and the Decades of the Year

Part III - The Creation and the Appearance of the Decades
- Scenes and Text introducing the Register of the Decades
- The Recital of the Creation

Part IV - General Presentation of the Decades
- The Five Images
- The Astrological Text Columns

Part V - The Study of Each Decade
- The Left Wall (Decades 1-9)
- The Right Wall (Decades 10-21)
- The Rear Wall (Decades 22-37)
- The Characteristics of the Almanac

Part VII - The Gateway of Heaven and the Decans
- The Text in Horizontal Lines
- The Text on the Base

- The purpose of the Monument and its Discovery in the Canopic Region